Denis Leary Can **** A Fat One

September 9, 2008 By Jordan Miller

I heard about this a few days ago and made the conscious decision not to post it since there was so much positivity surrounding Britney. But you know what? **** it. Now I’m making a conscious decision to call this ******* out.

According to, comedian Denis Leary shocked spectators at the Fashion Rocks charity concert in New York Friday night by attacking Britney from the stage.


“Britney Spears will not be here tonight but we’re gonna do a little Britney tribute later on,” Leary said in his speech. “I’m gonna chug a bottle of NyQuil, do seven shots of vodka, shave my head and make out with members of the paparazzi and then I’m gonna leave my kids with Lil Wayne for about three and a half weeks.”

Several fans who attended the show were not impressed, and emailed in their concerns to BreatheHeavy saying “The guy who was hosting the Fashion Rocks concert *****. He made a sick joke about Britney, only a couple awkwardly laughed including Chris Brown. He must not have gotten the memo over there that the public’s ‘anti-Britney’ phase is SO over. – xoxo Sarah”

Stick to your day job Leary – whatever the hell that is. OH and if you’re particularly miffed this evening, send over an email to the media coordinator of the Fashion Rocks event. God bless his soul.

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