The Pussycat Dolls’ new single spills onto the Internet ahead of schedule.

The PCD’s new era is off to a bumpy start. There’s controversy surrounding the single cover art because Nicole Scherzinger is the only Doll on the cover with both eyes featured – it implies she’s still the HBIC despite the group claiming they’ll each get equal time in the spotlight.

The Dolls also have to deal with a pesky leak.

Their new single, “React,” which reportedly drops on January 24, hit the worldwide web already. It appears the unofficial version available for streaming on multiple YouTube channels, is a demo. However, it’s unlikely the mastered version will sound much different. Surprise, surprise, it’s basically a Scherzinger solo song. Perhaps the forthcoming final version features the other Dolls.

Unfortunately, we can’t link to or include the audio due to copyright, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to fire up YouTube and find it.

You can hear a bit of it in the groups’ comeback performance on The X Factor.

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  1. I didn’t expect that it’ll sound exactly like the X Factor preview. Like literally. 😳 I don’t knooow. It’s not a bad song. It’s kinda catchy and sultry but i don’t know. This is not IT for me. 😶 And yes it’s a solo Nicole song. There are no harmonies that the other dolls could sing onto. The song wasn’t dynamic to be a group song. Atleast ‘When I Grow Up’ had the “ha ha ha ha”s. But I guess they could’ve split the verses and the refrain. What if they went in the studio with the intention to split the song and the other dolls sounded awful? I mean, they ARE older now so there’s probably a strain to their voice as well.

  2. It’s such a bummer not hearing a little more background work from the other dolls, because it definitely feels like a Nicole song. That being said, I’m obsessed with the beat, and I NEVER thought Nicole got the credit as a pop star that she deserves.

    THEREFORE….. ill be putting all controversy aside and playing THE **** out of this song, because it’s a trash bop, and I’m here for it.

  3. I think we might also be a tad surprised by the final version. Listening to the live clip from X-Factor, you can here some chants and slight harmonies during that bass drop that aren’t present on this demo. This demo sounds like the solo’d strain of Nicole’s lead vocals. There aren’t any other stems on it yet. I doubt that will be the final. J

  4. I now understand why they specifically used that part in the xfactor performance instead of performing the entire thing. sorry Nicole and her backup dancers, this aint it

    1. Right??? Cause that’s the only part that’s good. The verses are a dud. It feels like a dud all throughout except the breakdown that includes the pantings and the breathings. 😂

  5. it’s there like 5 days or smth already. and it sounds good. even if it is more like one of Nicole not released song rerecorded with girls. we’ll hear then it’s finally come out

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