Lovato can thank her confidence and streaming for helping her land atop the charts.

Demi Lovato's "Confident" On Track For No. 1!

Pentatonix sold more albums, but due to Demi Lovato’s success in streaming, she’s poised to top the Billboard 200.

Lovato released her widely publicized, highly promoted Confident record with an onslaught of performances and interviews to help ensure she’d followup Selena Gomez’s No. 1 record with one of her own.

Acapella sensation Pentatonix threw a wrench in the “Waitin’ For You” singer’s plans. They, too, launched an album last Friday (Oct. 16) — their first non-covers LP — and according to Hits Daily Double they topped the HITS Album Sales Chart with 82K units for their self-titled record with Lovato coming in at No. 2 moving 75K pure album sales.

But not so fast… she took the lead in SPS (Sales Plus Streaming) with 96k. Because of Track Equivalent Albums (10 single sales = 1 album equivalent unit) and Streaming Equivalent Albums (1500 single streams = 1 album equivalent unit), “Confident” will become this week’s greatest consumption total.

In other words, the forumla works in Lovato’s favor and she should be No. 1.

“We’ve never actually met her, but she’s a great artist,” Pentatonix said in a new interview with Fuse TV. “It’s just one of those things where we had just been put head-to-head. It’s exciting and it’s really, really cool. Honestly, it’s a really big honor to be competing against her and people on her level. It’s a really cool thing. At the end of the day, whoever sold the most albums or whoever charts No. 1, we’ll be happy and I’m sure she’ll be happy, too.”

They add: “A No. 1 album would genuinely make history. It would probably be the biggest thing we’ve done so far. I mean, it’d be up there with other things we’ve done, but we just want this so bad. We’re always the underdogs. We really, really, really, really want this. We’re doing everything possible to make sure we secure the spot.”

We won’t receive a confirmation from Billboard until this weekend, but congratulations Demi Lovato for landing at No. 1!