In a new interview with Refinery, Lovato says she was bummed “Cool For The Summer” didn’t top the charts.


Demi Lovato tells Refinery she was disappointed “Cool For The Summer” didn’t top the charts, so she’s ready for another go.

“I was really bummed about it because that’s what I was going for,” Lovato says. “I got to a point where I was like, Oh my god, it does not ******* matter. At the end of the day, I’m going to be on tour and I want to be performing songs on stage that I can sing my *** off to and really feel when I’m on stage. So now I have a much better sense of my music.”

The singer will embark on the Future Now tour with Nick Jonas this summer, finally touring music from her latest record Confident, but it won’t only be a string of old goodies. Lovato has plans to release new material soon.

“By the time I go on tour, I want to be able to perform new songs,” she says. “Ideally, I would release a single next month.”

The last song Lovato dropped was the chilly “Stone Cold” ballad.

“I’m still underestimated,” she continues. “I still have more things to prove — not just about the things I can do with my voice. Some people think that because I’m young, I can’t stay sober. But these are things I want to prove to myself.”

Lovato also mentions Kesha’s legal battle with Dr. Luke. “I don’t know what happened, and it’s none of my business, to be honest,” Demi says. “My thing was whether it did or didn’t happen, this is somebody coming forward. And unfortunately, there’s way too much shame put on victims coming forward talking about being date-raped, raped, sexually abused. So then people feel like they can’t come forward anymore because they’ll just be torn to shreds.”

She also touches on her “beef” with Taylor Swift – that time she blasted the “Bad Blood” singer for donating $250,000 to Kesha but not making any official statement about it. “I got too passionate,” Demi said. “I get carried away on Twitter, and that’s what I said, and that’s that. Listen, there’s nothing positive that comes from pitting women against each other,” she says. “There are women that I don’t get along with, and that’s fine. My thing is, don’t brand yourself a feminist if you don’t do the work. I have an immense amount of respect for women like Lena Dunham…or Beyonce, who make amazing political statements through their work.”

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