Will lightning strike twice?

Will lightning strike twice?

The world had to endure “Despacito” being the No. 1 song for months on-end. It’s mainstream influence was so great, it nearly snatched Mariah Carey’s Hot 100 crown (they’re tied for most weeks spent at No. 1). Then Beyonce hopped on a remix of J Balvin and Willy Willam’s “Mi Gente,” which gave the song a healthy spike to No. 3. Next up? Demi Lovato. She’s reportedly readying a track with Mr. Despacito himself, Luis Fonsi.

As Billboard points out, the pair have been commenting on each other’s Instagram posts. Demi captioned a photo “Music video shoot,” which prompted this response from Fonsi: “What happened Demi.” She then hopped on his Instagram to write “Hello Fonsi.”

Then there’s this gem – Buzzfeed asked Lovato if she would release a song in Spanish in the future. Her response? “I actually—you will have to wait and find out,” she said, “because I recorded something recently that I think you will like.”

Get ready…

Music video shoot ☺️

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Finished! It’s a wrap ?

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