Demi Lovato Urges Congress To Support Mental Health Bill

Demi Lovato’s using her fame to help those dealing with mental illness feel comfortable reaching out for help.

During her speech at the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s annual conference on Thursday (just two days before her tour kicks off), Demi opened up about her public struggle with bipolar disorder and addiction. She’s urging lawmakers to take action, saying:

“We’ve seen increased attention to our country’s broken mental health system over the past few years, but we’ve seen very little action. Today our message is very clear: it’s time for Congress to act for mental health by supporting the passage of a comprehensive mental health bill this year.”

Demi says she used drugs and alcohol to feel “normal,” and didn’t understand why, with the fame and fortune, she couldn’t find happiness. Her diagnosis was a relief because it began her journey to self-discovery.

HUGE props to Demi for using her celebrity to help others who are facing a similar prognosis!

See the video here: