Lovatics to the rescue.

Demi Lovato let fans help reveal the Tell Me You Love Me tracklist.

The pop star gave the track titles of the Standard edition to some of her biggest stan accounts on Twitter and allowed them to share the news. Right now, we know 13 of the 15 songs.


Tell Me You Love Me tracklist:

1. Sorry Not Sorry
2. Tell Me You Love Me
3. **** Dirty Love
4. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore
5. Daddy Issues
6. Ruin The Friendship
7. Only Forever
8. Lonely
9. Cry Baby
10. Games
11. Concentrate
12. Hitchhiker
13. Instruction
14. ???
15. ???

We don’t know what most of the record sounds like yet, but this fan probably has a pretty accurate description:

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