Listen to Demi belt out the new ballad.

Demi Lovato Teases New Song: "Stone Cold"

Demi Lovato previews a new power ballad from ‘Confident.’

Lovato announced on Monday (Sep. 28) she’s hiding Confident boxes around the U.S. ahead of her album release Oct. 16. Each box contains goodies from her upcoming ‘Confident’ record – a clever marketing tactic to promote her new tunes.

She Tweeted, “Sooo SCAVENGER HUNT! I’m hiding #confident boxes with previews of my album over the next week. #findconfident ?”

One day in and the first box was discovered (in Tribeca, NYC), and held the contents to a song titled “Stone Cold.” In the clip from the recovered USB, Lovato is seen belting out the lyrics to a ballad, singing “I was your ember but now she’s your shade of gold stone. Cold, baby.”

From what we can hear in the mini-clip, Lovato sounds great and look forward to the studio version that’s just around the corner.

Without further ado: