Demi Lovato had more important fish to fry.

Swifties rained down their wrath upon Demi after she posted in an Insta story: “I skipped the VMAs for a REASON.”

The story was uploaded not long after Swift won Video of the Year for “You Need To Calm Down.” See the full list of winners here.

Stans were under the impression Demi said it because she didn’t agree with MTV’s choice. You may recall Demi defended Scooter Braun after news broke he purchased Swift’s former label and her masters.

Unfortunately, the aggression towards Demi was uncalled for. She was actually referring to her upcoming appearance on the final season of Will & Grace.

What are we supposed to take away from this? Don’t mess with Taylor Swift fans and Demi Lovato’s return to the small screen is imminent.

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