Lovato can relate to Justn Bieber, saying “the hardest thing is growing up in this industry.”

Demi Lovato Talks Being Confident, Justin Bieber & Being "A Little Bit Jewish"

Demi Lovato offers some interesting insight in her latest interview.

The “Cool For The Summer” singer stopped by KISS FM in the UK to chat about her upcoming record Confident, running Safehouse Records with Nick Jonas, her heritage, Jennifer Lopez (whom she recently told “You are a boss ***** with the biggest heart”) and why she can relate to Justin Bieber.

On ‘Confident’:
“There’s songs that have rock influences for sure,” Lovato says. “There’s songs that are more rhythmic actually. The reason why I called the album ‘Confident’ is because… it best represents where I’m at as an artist today. The messaging is very strong, so if I’m confident, or be yourself, or don’t f**k with me. It’s definitely a strong message through all of it.”

Justin Bieber:
I think everyone’s got the fever again. Good for him. The hardest thing is growing up in this industry. It’s the most confusing time in anyone’s life. I mean, I was a little ****. I swear. I’ve been going back over the past few years and apologizing to people. When I was on Disney Channel, I was so miserable. I had other reasons too… severe depression, blah, blah, blah. I can see that he’s kind of doing the same thing.”

On being “a little bit Jewish”:
“I did some research a couple years ago — like a Genealogy type situation — for some reason I always thought I was Italian. I’m not. It’s a weird situation. Here’s the thing… I didn’t have a good relationship with my dad. Not to get depressing or anything, but he was bipolar schizophrenic. Needless to say, I shouldn’t have believed him when he said I was French and Italian. Probably shouldn’t have believed him either when he said he was making a movie with Steven Spielberg. So, I took it upon myself. I went and I found out I’m Native American, predominantly Hispanic on that side — which I did know that — I’m Irish on my mom’s side, but back on my dad, a little Portuguese, and a little Jewish. My ancestors got around.”

Watch the interview below: