Relatable queen.

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Relatable queen.

Demi Lovato gets candid in her new interview with Legend. They touch on a lot of things that, if you’re a stan, you probably already knew. For instance, she touches on Aretha Franklin, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera influencing Tell Me You Love Me.

“Aretha Franklin. She’s a complete legend. The soul in her voice is incredible. I think she’s the greatest singer of all time and she’s someone who I look up to so much. Very random story: I got to speak to her on the phone a little bit ago, which was beyond awesome. She was at home and I had the chance to talk with her for a while. Talking with someone who has made such an impact on me and my career was really special. We just chatted – small talk. First we texted, then we spoke on the phone. I just thanked her a bunch for being who she is.”

There’s also some talk about jiu-jitsu, the Simply Complicated documentary and… JUSTIN BIEBER? Yup, Demi admits his music is a guilty pleasure. As in, she probably hates him but goddammit he’s talented.

Here’s the question: “Is there one artist who’s your guilty pleasure? A musician or group of musicians you love listening to, but don’t necessarily want your friends knowing you love…”

“I guess maybe Justin Bieber?,” she admits. “I don’t know… he’s considered cool now though, so he’s not really like that for me as much. But yeah, if I’m singing in the shower or something, it might be to his music.”

I would love to hear her speak on Jelena.

Read the full interview here and check out her stunning photoshoot by photographer Denis Leupold up top.

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