Lovato is a badass in her new “Confident” music video.

Demi Lovato Sets Herself Free In "Confident" Music video

Demi Lovato is a modern-day warrior in her “Confident” music video.

Lovato is a badass rebel prisoner who agrees to help capture Fast & The Furious star Michelle Rodriguez in her new “Confident” music video. The video begins with Demi in chains signing her life away in a plea deal to search and destroy a fellow criminal.

After battling it out with Rodriguez in an unsuccessful ambush, Lovato finds herself in another sticky situation; her freedom is once again taken from her and the only way to cease it is by having a little confidence. She manages to steal a weapon of mass destruction and attempt another mission in claiming Rodriguez.

As the women start duking it out a second time, they realize they both share identical burn brands from the operating agency were pit against each other. The two immediately join forces and spark a mutiny.

Director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Machete) said he “was so impressed by Demi’s fearless performance as a guest star on my TV series… I jumped at the chance to direct her video.”

He added: “I basically treated this like we were shooting a high-octane action film, because she has the presence and star power to pull it off. She’s incredible.”

Lovato posted on Twitter the day of shooting: “So honored to be working with these two badasses: the legendary director @RODRIGUEZ and the legendary actress @MRODOFFICIAL!!.”

Watch it here: