Likely the song Demi is “nervous” to release.

A new song from Demi Lovato is expected to drop on Friday.

Friday will be a big day for soul-pop lovers. Sam Smith is releasing his new song “Too Good At Goodbyes,” Kelly Clarkson will unleash two tracks from her forthcoming record Meaning Of Life and Demi Lovato has her sights set on dropping a third Tell Me You Love Me track, “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore.”

The pop star hasn’t confirmed it yet, but we know the song was recently registered on music publishing site ASCAP.

Lovato recently admitted she was “nervous” to release one of her upcoming songs because she suspects fans will know exactly who it’s about.

“Sometimes you put out music that you just feel like everyone is going to know who it’s about,” Lovato told MTV. “Headlines are going to come out of it, and it’s like, when you write a song, you’re just being vulnerable, and you’re just writing about something that’s inspiring you, so all the baggage that comes with it is what I’m kind of nervous about.”

Who could it be about? The most obvious answer is ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who dated the pop star for six years. “I think that everything happens for a reason, and certain emotions are felt at certain points in your life, and you don’t always have to explain them to people,” she continued, adding, “So whatever you want to think about it — you go into whatever theories you have — fine. But I know what it’s about and who it’s about and I’m just going to let it be.”

Listen to a preview of what it could sound like below:

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