Listen to 15-seconds of the latest “Confident” teaser.

Demi Lovato wants a royal seat.

A little too easy this time if you ask us (no one did).

Lovato continued her #FindConfident scavenger hunt on Sunday (Oct. 4) by hiding another box with unknown album goodies inside. She posted a Tweet alerting fans in Washington D.C. to be on the lookout, saying “Washington DC!! Time for you to #findconfident Here is your hint: Senate Park” with a video showing exactly where it is. Not really how a scavenger hunt works, but we applaud the effort.

You can imagine the box was quickly scooped up with its contents plopped online shortly after. Turns out it was a sneak peek of her song “Kingdom Come” featuring Iggy Azalea. Though the clip doesn’t tease Azalea’s rap, it is another brash and confident-sounding tune for Lovato.

She Re-Tweeted the fan’s findings:

Last month, Lovato described the song saying: “My music is taking a more mature and older route, and with ‘Kingdom Come,’ it’s definitely more of a rhythmic song,” Lovato says. “I wanted [Iggy] to be on this album from the first time that I heard that song, even before we knew each other. And then we became good friends, and so it was kind of a situation where it was like, we have to work together.”

Watch a teaser of Demi Lovato’s “Confident” music video

“It sounds awesome, and I’m really excited for everyone to hear it,” Lovato continued of “Kingdom Come.” “She was really excited too — she was like, ‘I’m really excited with where your music is going.’ And to me, that meant a lot, because before I even knew Iggy I was a big fan, and so it was really cool to hear her say that. Our sounds really meshed well.”