I’m a little curious, too.

Demi Lovato Premieres "Cool For The Summer" Music Video

Demi Lovato can keep a secret, can you?

And it’s no secret one of the most anticipated music videos this summer is for her wildly anthemic summer song “Cool For The Summer.”

Lovato’s teased the video with sultry clips of her writhing around in a bed while biting her lip scantily clad for a week now, but the full visual is nothing in comparison. Lovato hasn’t displayed this overtly sexual embodiment thus far into her career, and we applaud her move for loving the skin she’s in after a very public struggle with body image. Not before long, Lovato and her girls find themselves partying in an underground club, proving this video is everything that summer is about.

Let us know if your her body type then watch Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer” below:

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