Don’t tell your mother.

Demi Lovato Premieres

Demi Lovato parties it up in her “Cool For The Summer” lyric video.

Wondering why Demi Lovato hit up a bunch of wild pool parties in Chicago and Miami last week? The “Cool For The Summer” lyric video explains it all. Much of the footage from the party rock visual appears in the Max Martin-produced chart topper.

Lovato now famously busted *** during the shoot, but the video shows off a cooler side to Demi. Instead, she’s seen shooting water guns at an eager crowd, jet skiing and performing the hit at a downtown rooftop pool.

The song has seen a lot of success just a week into its release, landing at No. 1 on iTunes overall songs chart and taps in at over 35 million impressions. The official music video will surely solidify its high ranking spot upon its debut some time this month.

Watch below:

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