But the Internet is forever.

#ImWithHer ??❤️?

A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

Demi Lovato Tweeted then deleted: “Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and grab some *****.”

However, the Internet is forever.

On the surface, it would appear Lovato is defending Donald Trump in some twisted capacity, but the pop star has remained an outspoken advocate for Hillary Clinton in recent years.

Just hours ago, Lovato posted a photo of her next to Clinton with the hashtag #ImWithHer. So what gives?


Lovato was likely attempting to be funny, but what terrible timing considering today’s election could adversely impact hundreds of millions of lives. She knows it was in poor taste, too.

“Someone take my twitter away from me,” she posted afterward.

“Over the weekend, [Trump’s] campaign took away his Twitter account,” Obama said in his speech in Michigan on Monday. “Now, if your closest advisers don’t trust you to tweet then how can we trust him with the nuclear codes?”

Take a cue, Team Demi.

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