Demi Lovato Performs “Cool For The Summer” In Australia

August 9, 2015 By Jordan Miller

It’s a neon affair down under.

Demi Lovato Performs "Cool For The Summer" In Australia

Don’t be scared cause

Demi Lovato brought the heat to the cool of winter down under with her performance of “Cool For The Summer” on The Voice Australia. Beginning her set with a chill position on-stage basked in black light, Lovato quickly turned things up when the chorus neared; gyrating hips, grinding the air and hair flips were in full effect. The live performance – watched by judges Jessie J, Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem and The Madden Brothers – was backed by hypnotizing lightning effects and flashing lights & fog surrounded the 22-year-old.

Lovato strutted the stage, sang to herself in a mirror and gave face in the three-and-a-half minute performance before exclaiming, “I love Australia! The opportunity [to perform] hasn’t come and now it has and I’m so glad.”

Once Lovato is ready, she’ll premiere her second single titled “Confident,” but until then… here is her latest performance for “Cool For The Summer.”

Via Ultimate Music

And since she was already in Australia, Lovato took the opportunity to perform her new single on Sunrise.