Demi Lovato has returned.

Demi Lovato performed a new song titled “Alone” at the GRAMMYs this Sunday. She took the stage to sing the emotional ballad, a tune she recorded just a few days before her drug overdose. The song is deeply connected to that eerie time in her life.

Ahead of the performance, Demi released the studio version of the track online.

Check out the new performance, then listen to the studio version, below:

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  1. I truly hope it’s as good as Tell Me You Love Me because I still listen to that album. And I hope she just makes music and not address the haters. I’m so tired of popstars singing to the haters I find it sooo corny. And especially cause she already had a massive hater song in ‘Sorry Not Sorry’. I don’t need another one of those. With that being said, the title scares me. It seems like a “everyone left me cause i’m an addict but i STILL GOT ME” kinda song. 😬

  2. NO. That’s like a Destiny’s Child thing already. She should pick a different title. And besides, what is she surviving from? You can’t call yourself a “survivor” if you keep going back to rehab. A “survivor” means you’re done with it. You call someone a cancer survivor when they’ve already defeated cancer – not when they’re still undergoing treatment. Not trying to be hateful, I’m just saying “Survivor” is a pretentious title.

  3. She’s is Super hit or miss for me. I also hope its not a woe is me direction and if she’s gonna talk about her darker experiences- like Solo, she really digs into the truth bc she can outsing most of them.

  4. Wow. Say what you want about Scooter but he is damn good at his job. That’s how he’s able to purchase an entire catalog of hits. 🙃 I will absolutely be sooo impressed if he can make Demi Lovato a sensation like Ariana.

  5. Oh wow she just does NOT let go of her past, huh? How is she supposed to move on if she works and promotes and sings over and over again about her struggles and hard moments in life? I don’t get it.

  6. She is beautiful and has the voice but something tells me she’s…not fun to work with. There’s a reason shes not bigger than Ariana or Selena and its not because she was high all the dang time. Half of these divas were (Hi Jessica Simpson) or still are (Hey Miley). Sober or not they must be tolerable. Hate to say it but I feel like Demi is the new generation low-grade Xtina 🤷🏽‍♂️ demi burned her bridges too fast.

    1. Have you seen the “Simply Complicated” documentary? She’s shown recording a song and she sings a line and THEN STOPS and sings it again AND STOPS omg so annoying. I thought she sang the whole damn thing and did several takes and then re-do some lines here and there but no, everything seemed very stiff and calculated. And her team showed this as if telling people that she was a “perfectionist”, when in fact I thought it was lack of talent and confidence, and a very high maintenance attitude in the studio.
      PS: What’s with Miley?? She must be high 24/7 but she’s definitely a good gal.

  7. You know, I think some people are just so damn rude. So what if she “can’t let go of her past”. She’s releasing music she recorded during that time so other people can hear what she was going through. She’s talking about it for the first time, and yet when it happened, people were like, “Oh, when is she gonna talk about it?!”

    Now that she is, y’all are mad that she’s talking about it?! Please. Go somewhere with that mess. Throw it away..

  8. Honestly… I hate it. Don’t like the lyrics, and she just sounds like she’s screaming Anyone over and over. Skyscraper, Warrior, and Sober are much better and seem similar because she’s done the “raw” piano ballad so many times before. I still would have probably loved a good piano ballad… but I just don’t like this one at all.

  9. It takes a really skillful and technical singer to pull of a performance after crying/getting emotional. It messes up your vocals. Unfortunately, Demi isn’t that. That entire first verse and chorus was god awful. She was able to recover during the second verse. She sounded good. But the entire performance was just screaming and wailing. She really is the Xtina of her generation.

  10. This isnt a song I’m probably ever going to want to listen to a lot but that’s a really great moment, profound for her.
    I loved that she was too emotional- it’s so human.
    I like her yelling, that’s where her voice comfortably sits, [I just wish shed get a tune for once with a half decent melody].
    I love what the songs says- how in addiction you’re literally screaming for help but cant be heard.

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