Demi Lovato Misses Britney

It’s hard making new friends, especially when your old ones were Britney Spears and LA Reid.

“I do miss [Britney and LA],” Demi Lovato told Digital Spy. “We spent a lot of time together and we’d formed those bonds, but it’s a new chapter now and I’m excited to start a new experience with new people.”

It’s hard to enjoy driving a Jetta when you cruised in a Mercedes first!

But Demi keeps it classy and air high-fives her fellow judges, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, saying the new auditions are “going really great,” adding: “I love the new judges, they’re amazing.”

“Kelly is so much fun to work with – she’s got a great energy about her and we connect really well. It was just an instant, off-the-bat kind of thing. Paulina is doing great as well – she’s really, really huge in South America and I’m glad the show is representing that side of things more.”

LOL because she’s not huge anywhere else, Demi? Shade.

Britney for life!