See Lovato serving face in her latest “Confident” promo.


What’s wrong with being confident?

It’s only appropriate the newly-announced(?) bisexual serves fierce face on the cover of her new single “Confident” from the record.

Though the song landed on the Internet weeks ahead of schedule, Lovato continued her promotional schedule like nothing happened, performing “Cool For The Summer” any chance she gets and giving interviews left and right. Yesterday (Sep. 15), the 23-year-old shared the single artwork and announced her album is up for pre-order, saying “#Confident is officially my next single!!! Pre-order the album now!!!”

“It definitely was kind of a no-brainer when we called it Confident, ” Demi recently told MTV. “Also one of the songs on the album is called ’Confident.’ Whenever I make an album and try to think of a name, I always look to the track list and what song represents this album the most, and not only did it represent my entire album, but it represented where I am in my life, so it was a very, very easy choice.”

She adds there were topics she always wanted to sing about, but was “worried about being the role model,” adding “but now if I want to sing about *** or this or that, I’m going to sing about it,” she said. “So I feel very liberated with this album as well.”