The infiltrator hijacked the singer’s Snapchat account.

Demi Lovato has gone through a lot of public shaming on the Internet throughout her career, more than most of her fellow pop peers. Things got so bada year ago, Lovato deactivated her Twitter. More recently, DL was caught in the crosshairs of controversy when she posted about her trip to Israel. This latest scandal however is far worse and more destructive in scale.

An Internet hacker managed to get ahold of Lovato’s Snapchat account, then encouraged her followers to join a private group on discord, a social media app for gamers.

“Join this discord server for my nudes,” the message read. It’s unclear who this person is or how they obtained the photos.


Lovato’s team has since managed to regain control of her account and was reportedly able to scrub the app of her nudes, however the Internet is forever.

At the time of posting, Demi hadn’t publicly responded.

Fans were quick to rush to Demi’s defense. Demi, who has been public about her uphill battle with bipolar disorder, is an advocate for mental health. Instances like these could set someone back, but hopefully the “Stone Cold” singer has the tools to handle this very unfortunate situation.

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