Watch Demi Lovato’s latest ‘Confident’ clip.


Demi Lovato’s chilly “Stone Cold” music video will give you the feels.

Lovato teased the video for several days ahead of its release, causing a ruckus all day on Twitter ahead of the video premiere. Fans impatiently awaited the clip’s premiere, assuming she’d unveil her new Confident visual bright and early. Perhaps she wanted fans to feel a sense of longing much like she does in the “Stone Cold” video. In the clip, Lovato struggles with a depressing sense of love lost, submerging herself in a bath of frigid water before eventually escaping into the depths of her imagination represented by an icy, sparse tundra. Lovato mentioned this was her favorite song off the album, and now that she’s given the listener a visual to her heartache, we understand why. Watch below:

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