Demi makes no promises.

Demi Lovato makes no promises.

Heh. Get it?

Demi finds herself in some hot water today after a video posted onto Twitter shows the singer marching into LAX and ignoring a Lovatic’s plea for an autograph.

Instead of politely declining because she was in a rush, or saying literally anything else to spare the fan’s feelings, Demi rejects the request because she believes the fan has an ulterior motive: to sell the signature on eBay.

The fan denies she will. “I’m not going to put it on eBay!,” she said. “I’m your biggest fan.” Other fans on Twitter aren’t buying that. They claim she’s a repeat offender.

Her autographs are going for around $100 on the auction site. Maybe Demi is just trying to inspire her young fans to look for work and stimulate the economy. What a gem.

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