Watch her full interview with Ellen and her incredible performance of “Stone Cold”.


Demi Lovato stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show today to perform and chat with Ellen about body image, confidence and her love life.

Although Demi is now celebrated for her confidence, even naming her album after it, the singer has been very vocal about the fact that confidence has not always come so easily. Over the years, she has openly shared her painful struggle with eating disorders and trying to feel good about her body.

In her sit-down with Ellen, she revealed that her eventual acceptance of her body can be attributed in part to the Kardashians, who embodied a curvier body type than what is generally shown in the media. She laments the fact that while she was growing up, images of thin women prevailed in popular culture and reveals: “When the Kardashians came on the scene, that was the first time I really associated curves with beauty.”

Demi recalls being inspired by Kim Kardashian to feel good about her body: “I was able to look at Kim’s curves and be like ‘I should really be proud of my curves'”.

It is not often that we hear about the positive effects the Kardashians might have on young women. Although in many ways their example is not one to follow, it’s inspiring to hear that they’ve helped Demi, and possibly others, feel better about her body.

Ellen then brought up Demi’s boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, in particular the rumors that the two are engaged, which the 23 year-old denies. She does however tease that she marriage is a possibility, saying that she “wouldn’t mind” having a ring on THAT finger.

Watch Demi’s full interview below:

Demi also gave a stellar performance of “Stone Cold”, which Ellen introduced by calling it Demi’s “favorite song from her latest album”. Same, Demi.

Watch below:

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