Don’t tell your mother.

Don’t tell your mother.

It’s been a rough day for Halsey. The singer has diarrhea of the mouth in recent interviews, and it’s caused quite a stir.

The drama kicked off with her controversial stance on rapper Quavo. She defended him after his homophobic comments, which looks poorly on the singer considering she’s an advocate for the LGBT community and identifies as bisexual. Halsey later clarified she had no idea Quavo said what he had, but the damage was done. It got worse.

She also called Iggy Azalea a “f–king moron” and said she was fascinated by watching the rapper’s career dissolve.

Then there was that dicey diss aimed at Britney – she assumes the pop princess doesn’t write her own music.

And now shots were fired at Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. Halsey doesn’t mention them by name, but fans firmly believe they’re her targets. The hopeless fountain kingdom singer takes issue with straight women who sing about sexual experiences with other women.

Here’s a copy + paste excerpt from Paper Magazine, who says: “Generally the closest thing to queer representation you get in pop are songs sung by straight women, and they’re more about experimental hookups…”

Halsey’s response: “Oh, yeah. Bisexuality as a taboo. ‘Don’t tell your mom’ or ‘We shouldn’t do this’ or ‘This feels so wrong but it’s so right.'”

She adds: “That narrative is so ******* damaging to bisexuality and its place in society. That’s something I’ve had to fight my whole life and something I still fight. I still see people on the internet saying, ‘Of course Halsey says she’s bisexual. It’ll help her sell albums.’ I never came out as a musician because I was already out when I started making music. I was out in high school! I was in high school with people walking past me in the hallway calling me, ‘Dyke,’ you know what I mean? That was just a part of my reality. It was also part of my naïveté. When I first started making music, I didn’t think, like, ‘Oh, well people are gonna be mean to me because I’m not straight.'”

In Lovato’s song “Cool For The Summer,” the Confident crooner sings, “don’t tell your mother.” Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” has the lyric, “It felt so wrong / It felt so right.”

Lovato is not one to keep quiet. She took to Twitter to respond: “You know a song is a hit when people are still talking about the lyrics two years later,” she wrote with the hashtag “#shhhhdonttellyourmother”

In a day, Halsey has come for Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. She may have been the first female to land a No. 1 album this year, but it’s a long fall from the top.

Personally, I agree with Halsey on this one. The Iggy/Britney mentions? Not so much.

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