Demi Lovato: Britney And I Bonded

Demi Lovato bonded with Britney because she feels they share certain parallels in their darker times.

“We’ve definitely bonded, I think because we’ve been through the same stuff,” Demi revealed to The Sun this week. “But if we did have a heart-to-heart I probably wouldn’t tell a magazine about it!

“It’s pretty obvious that we’ve been through some of the same things for sure,” the US star admitted. “We have kept in touch.

“Our moms have become super-close, which is really random, it’s super-funny,” Demi added. “She was really great and super down to Earth. I’m going to miss her this season.”

Last month, Demi said she learned from Britney to always be yourself.

“What I learned from Britney is that you don’t have to change. Her family, we laughed several times, ’cause our families are so similar. Our moms are super close now,” X-Factor judge Demi Lovato recently shared.

Britney quit The X Factor to focus on music, while Demi is doing both. She released her new album, “Demi,” last month and reprised her judging role on The X Factor.