Demi Lovato Has Some Very Big News To Share With Us

January 30, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Demi Lovato made an announcement for an announcement.

Demi Lovato made an announcement for an announcement.

Only a Queen!

Demi shared a sensual photo wearing lingerie and teased she’s got some “big news coming soon.” What could it be?

Several theories are making the rounds.

There’s speculation the pop star is going to announce she’s pregnant. There’s even a report about that on the Mirror, because of course there is. That seems HIGHLY unlikely considering the plethora of flawless & skimpy snaps she’s been sharing this winter showing off her toned physique.

Others are wondering whether it relates to her Fabletics workout clothing line. Perhaps she’s introducing a lingerie line next? Heh.

My hopes are on something music-related. 2018 has produced some pretty great pop songs thus far, but it’s missing Demi.

But back to reality… it’s very likely the reveal is something related to her upcoming Tell Me You Love Me Tour, which kicks off Feb. 9 in Dallas, Texas.

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