“I’m just hoping we catch one another.”

Demi Lovato stars on Cheat Codes’ new song “No Promises.”

Demi has a plan. The Confident singer recently revealed she’s picked out her forthcoming album’s lead single, but before Lovatics get a chance to hear that, the pop star is featuring on EDM trio’s new song “No Promises.” They reportedly linked up during the Z Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil, last November.

“I just want to dive in the water with you,” Demi sings over CC’s whirling EDM production. “Baby, we can’t see the bottom / It’s so easy to fall for each other / I’m just hoping we catch one another.”

The Chainsmokers launched to the top of the charts for most of 2016 with their light EDM tracks that always featured a female collaboration. It’s a proven formula, and Demi wants in. See ya at No. 1!

The track becomes available at midnight:

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