: Hey Brandon, i’m from the United Kingdom and i am executive at Island Records which use to manage the successful boyband Busted and i am also in charge of researching internet websites to find out information about musicians to give feedback to our “fan club” on our website, and we have recently searched upon the musician:Britney Spears and have found exclusive information from Jive Records which manage the megastar that she is releasing a song dedicated to her family and friends, Jive Records also told us the name of the song which we leave anonymus for legal reasons but we are allowed to tell you who features in the record, it includes, mother: Lynne Spears, sister: Jamie Lynn Spears, husband: Kevin Federline, father: Jamie Spears, it also includes close friends and lookalikes of enemies and old partners including: Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.
Thank You for looking at this information
Island Records

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