Dear Universe, Give “Inside Out” A Chance

November 2, 2011 By Jordan Miller

You know what I want right now. To stan.

Britney fans are still split whether “Inside Out” should have been the fourth single versus “Criminal.” **** it, lots of us pulled for it, and it just wasn’t in the cards (thanks a lot, Facebook). I fear it will face the same fate as “Unusual You” and be cast into the fiery pits of Who Gives A **** World (it exists! just ask Christina Aguilera). Yes, yes, the “Criminal” music video is badass, but the song in general is flopping. Not that I care about numbers, but lezbeonis… it’s not sticking. Now THAT’S criminal!

This Dr. Luke/Billboard-crafted track’s instrumental (no words) was previewed in front of a ton of music producers in 2009. Their reaction? Pure epic genius.

(starts @ 4:30)

This track could even use a feature. Or not! It doesn’t matter, because the song is versatile and sounds fluid with or without added vocals. However, this remix with Eminem is definitely on my Most Played list in iTunes.

I am pushing so hard for this track to be the next single because yes, Femme Fatale has a bunch of awesome tracks, but this one’s special. It’s the song on the album that’s like the toy you find at the bottom of the cereal box; the pearl inside the clam; Rose’s Heart Of the Ocean jewel in between her breasteses. Team Britney would really be doing fans and Dr. Luke an injustice if this track is not released and allowed to live up to its full potential. Yes, we know Brit Brit wants to do movies next year, but there’s still two months left of this one. Don’t let us down!

And before any Britney fan has the opportunity to post this…

NO, I won’t!

Jordan Miller