You know you’re a pop icon and superstar reaching millions of people when fans of your music have never heard a single note.

Gert from Estonia (BreatheHeavy username UltimateBritney) wrote Britney’s team a letter and created a YouTube video in the hopes to see Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour, but can’t get the resources to make his dream happen.

There’s a Facebook event promoting his case. Check out his heartfelt story below:

“Dear Team Britney!

In this letter, I write to you on the Femme Fatale in concert. Today I read the news that Britney coming to Finland again. .

I Write a bit myself , our family is deaf, I’m also deaf. ( My name is Gert )

I love her so much. I can’t hear her songs (what lyrcis), I can only listen to the noise …, but I don’t know what she talked me.. ?

I started a fan of her (BOMT Era started), but I was 7 years old.

I live in Estonia, and I’m the Biggest Fan Deaf in Estonia, Estonia are only 1.500 + Deaf People. Deaf peole said always me, I’m crazy person (because I’m a big fan).

I can’t, I love Britney Spears so much, I watch alwyas ( 24/7 ) her daily news, pictures, videos or what. I made too her fansite.

I went to the Circus concert was very entertaining show. In fact, I can’t get out of that Tickets were expensive, and I do not have the money. Fortunately, I found an auction on the web, and I won two tickets to a cheap, I took another friend, she is deaf and also a fan. We were very lucky.

Today I readed news tour, she coming to Finland again. I really want to go again. But I do not have the money, I have a dream to meeting with her (Meet & Greet), Helsinki concert this would be my birthday gift. My birthday is 10 October.

And I want to see how, deaf fan to meeting with her. What Britney feels like, or what?

I hope your estates to me, or what?


Good luck, buddy!

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