Kevin Federline was asked about his son Sean, in the wake of a surprise call to his home by reps from the Los Angeles agency that investigates allegations of child abuse and child endangerment.

Cameras caught K-Fed entering a posh condo complex in the Century City area of Los Angeles. Britney Spears’ husband did not directly address the events of the day, but nodded when asked if Sean was ok. Wacth video here!

An L.A. County Sheriff’s official tells TMZ that the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has closed its investigation into the welfare of Britney Spears’ child.

The official said that his department accompanied DCFS to Spears’ home on April 8, based on a complaint. We asked the Sheriff’s rep if DCFS paid a visit because the complaint had merit. He said, “DCFS responds to all complaints.” He added that DCFS closed the case on the spot, at the house. According to the rep: “Everyone was fine” so it was “case closed.”
credit: TMZ

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