Dawn Richard Releases "Projection" Music Video

Dawn Richard’s new music video for “Projection” is another simple black & white “Blackheart” visual.

While the video for “Tide: The Paradox Effect” was an expensive, eye catching clip, Richard simplifies things in her new Monty Marsh-directed music video. The former Danity Kane singer gazes longingly into the camera while floating in a tub of water as the light illuminates off her crystal complexion.

Richard tells Jezebel the song’s not actually about a lover, rather… yourself. “The definition of ‘Projection’ is the presentation of someone in her or his own unique way. Though people will always scrutinize and bully you about what they think you should look like, you are art.”

Watch “Projection:”

Richard is promoting a contest with the video.

Fans are encouraged to submit their own covers of “Projection” using the hashtag #ProjectYou on Vine, where Dawn will revine her favorites and pick a winner who will receive a copy of Blackheart on vinyl and a pair of her Black Era sunglasses. Welcome Dawn to Vine at http://vine.co/DawnRichard.

Like many men and women, Dawn has been subjected to harsh criticism from the media about her appearance. #ProjectYou represents an embrace of sexuality, a stand for self-love, and an appreciation of beauty in every form it takes.

Sure, it might be one of her least expensive music videos to date, but does it matter? Richard explores her artistic expression this era using innovative themes, growing stylistically with each single, cover art or music video treatment.

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