Dawn Richard On Danity Kane Altercation: “I ****** Up”

January 17, 2015 By James Dinh

Dawn Richard On Danity Kane Altercation:

Dawn offers a bit of closure for the DediKated Krew.

Dawn Richard’s promo train is in full gear, and you know the one topic everyone wants to know about is Danity Kane. Fresh off the release of her new album “BlackHeart,” the R&B singer got candid with Rap-Up and offered the DK fanbase with a candid confession (if you’re still suffering from breakup 2.0 like me) and some insight as to what lead to the dreaded physical alternation.

During the sit down with the outlet, Dawn explained that it’s hard to set the record straight on the group’s second demise since it’s something that people have already formed their opinions on. She insisted that she doesn’t want fans to have to pick sides because the situation has been “hurtful” and “embarrassing” enough. Real talk! Nonetheless, Dawn shared her appreciation for the release of DK3, but basically claimed that her bandmates didn’t want her on the album.

When it comes down to her hitting Aubrey, Dawn explained that music was her source of healing during the time of the incident. She had just lost her grandmother and was dealing with her cancer-stricken father, so when her bandmates apparently didn’t want her included on the music, she went *******.

I blacked out. You just live and you learn. I’ve never really done that and when you see yourself in a poisonous situation, you have to make the choice to get out of it. I didn’t have a choice to get out of it, it was made for me in the public eye. You say, ‘****, I ****** up,’ and then you move on.”

As a fanatic, it’s really tough to even hear of all this unfold again because it seriously feels like Groundhog Day. Everyone has their own side of the story, and while I don’t understand why Aubrey and Shannon would care to reunite for the group’s sake and want to purposely leave Dawn out of the tracks, I appreciate her for owning up to her ****** actions.

Watch Dawn’s interview below:

To remember the good times, let’s take a look at Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon doing the damn thing in this performance from last year’s #DKNoFilter tour.

R.I.P. Danity Kane

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