It’s another visually pleasing clip.

DΔWN's "James Dean" Jean Music Video

DΔWN shares another tantalizing visual for “Titans x James Dean” off her next impending release.

Dawn Richard burned to ashes, and up from the flames came DΔWN, her new persona seen throughout her many artistic clips she’s released this year. As she continues on the quest of releasing her EP trilogy for Goldenheart, BlackHeart (“Projections” & “Calypso”), and RedemptionHeart, DΔWN released a video titled “Titans x James Dean,” marrying the “Titans” interlude off Blackheart to “James Dean” on RedemptionHeart. In it, DΔWN embraces her inner Rihanna, rocking a jean jacket and oversized ’80s hipster(?) jeans while two backup dancers in matching outfits grind and thrust. They eventually disappear, leaving DΔWN to carry on the duration of the Monty Marsh-directed video (in a James Dean shirt no less).

Check it out below:

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