Watch the beautiful visual to kick off “The Red Era.”

D∆WN Premieres Red-Themed "DANCE" Music Video

Tonight we dance.

D∆WN jump starts “The Red Era,” the third installment from her trilogy EP following following Goldenheart and BlackHeart, with a music video for her recently premiered song “DANCE” – produced by Noisecastle III and Swagg R’Celious and written by Ester Dean.

“I wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere,” D∆WN told The FADER. “The Red Era is about moving on, redeeming yourself, and finding redemption. It’s time for people to start feeling good and start embracing who they are while dancing in their own light. That time is now…Let’s DANCE!”

As for the video, D∆WN said: “It’s always exciting to bring the art to the next level and stimulate the viewers visual palette.”

D∆WN charges through the blood-red tinted visual, laying naked in a bed of rose pedals while a male interest pursues her. The red imagery symbolizes accompanying era.

Watch below: