Yes, we are writing about David Hasseloff and it is amazing.

Oh my God what is this and why is David Hasselhoff such a badass?

The ’80s-inspired action movie, Kung Fury, released this awesomely ridiculous music video for “True Survivor” off the film’s soundtrack. There’s pink lights, fog, synths, everything you need to complete an iconic throwback video.

“The 80s was about fun, action, and heroes,” says Hasselhoff. “Kung Fury has it all! I’m honored to be involved with [director] David Sandberg, an up-and-coming force of nature in the animation digital entertainment world. The song is perfect for me as I really am, in real life, a True Survivor.”

The vid is a thank you to the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised from fans through fund-raising platform Kickstarter, which met its goal several times over and then some.

It is us that should be thanking them!

The Kung Fury original soundtrack is scheduled for release on May 28th, same day as the movie Kung Fury premieres on YouTube. Check out the official trailer:

What do you think about Hasselhoff’s new music video? Better yet, what don’t you think?