Bebe Rexha Serves Main Pop Girl In David Guetta’s Video For “Say My Name” With J Balvin

David Guetta unleashed his glow-in-the-dark visual for “Say My Name” featuring Bebe Rexha and J Balvin.

Guetta, 51, total dad bod, tapped Bebe and J Balvin for his new song, “Say My Name.”

The track itself is your standard tropical, electro-tinged club banger with an infectious chorus and maddening beat. If you could capture the ease of the Caribbean with the insanity at club XS in Las Vegas, you’d have “Say My Name.”

The video elevates the song to new heights. Directed by pop’s current go-to, Hannah Lux Davis, Bebe slides and slithers in a magical, neon-lit fantasy forest.

J Balvin’s auto-tuned verse almost feels like an afterthought, but after watching him kick ass with Anitta in her new Netflix documentary, I have a newfound respect for the hitmaker.

“Say My Name” is not groundbreaking, but it’s making me move, and during the holiday season with all the food and chilly weather, that’s a huge plus.

Check it out below:

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