A smash!

A smash!

Justin Bieber is on his way to becoming the modern day king of pop. At least on the charts, anyway. He is officially the first artist to ever score back-to-back new No. 1s in consecutive weeks on the Hot 100.

Last month, Biebs’ collaboration with DJ Khaled, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne on “I’m The One” took the top spot. Then the following week, Bieber dethroned himself with his feature on Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.” He’s so in demand, Diplo was forced to remove Bieber’s vocals from his impromptu release of “Bankroll” because of exclusive deals with Khaled and Guetta.

Speaking of, the Biebs’ new collaboration with the latter is a monster. As you’d expect, the famed producer engulfs Bieber’s vocals with buzzing synths and a pulsating beat. “When it comes 2U there’s no crime / let’s take both of our souls and intertwine,” Bieber sings. “When it comes to you, don’t be blind / Watch me speak from my heart, when it comes 2U.”

There’s a couple of insane drops by Guetta, but Bieber owns this one. Expect this to top the charts.

Watch the music video. It’s soundtracked to a bunch of gorgeous Victoria’s Secret super models lip syncing the song:

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