Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, Tweets the dictionary definition of the word “gaga.”


Lady Gaga prepared for weeks to own her tribute performance for David Bowie at the 2016 GRAMMYs.

She incorporated cutting edge technology from Intel to visually expand her performance and bring something to the stage no one had ever seen before. Unfortunately, not everyone was impressed. Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, Tweeted his dismay with a not-so cryptic post – the dictionary definition of the word “gaga.” It read: “overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused.” Damn it! What IS that word!?”

Gaga’s used to Bowie as an inspiration throughout her entire career. “What I have in common with David Bowie is the way that I combine theatrics and the visual in all of my performances,” she once said. “The fashion and the imagery and what I am trying to say as an artist goes much further beyond the music… the intention for me is not to sound just like Bowie. It is to pull references from all these different people and create something fresh and new and futuristic and pop and different.”

Definitely a bummer to hear of his reaction. No other artist could offer a tribute with limitless passion and inspiration like Gaga did.

In case you missed her performance, watch below:

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