Darkchild Re-making

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins has some interesting projects lined up.

The hit-maker, who’s sold over 150 million records worldwide, won four Grammys and now launching a label under Capitol, is celebrating his 20-year anniversary in the game next year in a big way.

Here are the highlights from his interview with Hits Daily Double:

  • When Darkchild orchestrated Mary J Blige’s feature on Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” Smith cried and texted his mom: “I can’t believe my dreams are really coming true. I just sang with the person I’ve looked up to my whole life.”
  • He has a new label deal with Capitol called Evolve Music Group with two signed artists named Evan Ross and Smo. “In your career you have to be able to evolve, not be one-dimensional.”
  • His evolution? Record exec. “Sometimes producers get in their own way and can’t be an executive, thinking they have to go and make the hit. I can wear different hats, talk a different language to the artists, and have relationships with other producers and songwriters.”
  • What does he tell artists? “Let go. Be creative and have fun.”
  • His advice for Jennifer Lopez? “Make music that people can connect to. Talk about your life. I think if we can get back into it as a whole in the industry, we can help some of it survive.”
  • What’s he got planned next? A “The Boy Is Mine” cover with Ariana and Jessie J, as well as Sam’s take on “It’s Not Right It’s Okay” by Whitney Houston

  • Lol @ the indirect J Lo shade. Are you excited for Darkchild’s new projects?