Britney is teaming up with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins for Femme Fatale. Just a month out from the release, Darkchild opens up about working with Britney to

“Britney’s always great to work with. I’ve worked with Britney for 12, 13 years now,” he told MTV News. “It’s always great to work with someone when you work with someone time and time again; it’s always great, and it always gets better. And just to see her evolve as an artist, it’s an amazing, amazing thing.”

Darkchild’s worked with Britney for years, including Britney album’s “Overprotected Darkchild Remix,” and her version of “Telephone.” Two very different sounding songs, but cut to 2011, Britney knows exactly the direction she wants to go. “She was very hands-on. She had a lot of ideas for me,” he said. “She’s great. She gets it. She is a top-notch veteran pro at this now.”

Darkchild goes on to compliment Femme Fatale‘s excutive-producers, Dr. Luke & Max Martin. “I never spoke to them, [but] those guys are just great, and the stuff that they’ve been doing is just really, really great stuff,” he said. “I’m sure with their hands on it, it’s great.”

Recently, Britney’s released several teasers for fans – all are upbeat jammin pop songs. Expect nothing less from Darkchild. “I know the songs that I do are uptempo,” he said.

“The stuff I’ve done, I think, will kind of shock people. I got a chance to go out my box a little bit too. She’s great. Britney’s just awesome.”

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