Darkchild: Britney Reference Point For Kyle Minogue's New Sound

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins is working with newly-signed Roc Nation singer Kylie Mingoue, and uses Britney as inspiration for her new sound on her upcoming untitled album.

“Working on Kylie I’m just making sure that the music represents her,” Jerkins tells Idolator.com. “I have some of the dance feeling [on the recording] but the rhythms will be fresh and new, something that she hasn’t done, coming from me. I think it’s just the perfect world, something that she hasn’t done and something that I haven’t done and putting those two together.”

”You know I worked with Britney before and Britney helped me prepare for people like Kylie.”

Brit’s a superstar in pop music, but Album 8’s said to be more of an urban vibe. Looking forward to hearing Kylie’s Britney-esque music!