Danja Tweets Hit-Boy About New Britney Album?

As the weeks pass, more news and speculation about Britney’s eighth studio album come to light. We’ve heard a lot about Will.I.Am, Jean Baptiste and Hit-Boy’s work with Britney. One key player who assisted in crafting the legendary “Blackout,” Danja, looks like still in the game after very little chatter’s surfaced about his involvement in the upcoming compilation.

Danja Tweeted Hit-boy, who’s a confirmed producer for Album 8:

@Hit_Boy I got u

What you got?!

Danja Tweeted Brit a few weeks back, saying:

@britneyspears knock knock

Plus, we put two and two together and assumed he was working with Britney recently. But it’s been a challenge working for the Queen; one of his tracks this year was shot down right away.

“I’m bringing my world to her world,” Hit-Boy told MTV News of his work for Britney back in January. “Britney is amazing… she’s been around for years and she’s going to continue to do her thing. I want to show people I’m not just a hip-hop producer, I’m not just in the urban world… I’m a music maker in general; I can make quality stuff no matter what it is.”

No idea if Danja’s Tweet is about Britney, but I’m ready for some new Blackout magic!

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