Producer Danja, who recently knocked on Britney’s door, tells Complex magazine about his experience working with Britney on “Gimme More” and “Kill The Lights.”

It’s interesting to hear how he played a big role on “Blackout,” intimately working with Brit in L.A. and Vegas on the tracks, but when it came time for “Kill The Lights” off Circus, he never met up with her.

I sincerely hope he’s on Album 8 and is IN the studio with Brit this time!

From Complex:

Gimme More:

Danja: “[I started producing for Britnety solo because] I didn’t have a personal relationship with Justin so I was just a producer doing my job making music. I was left to my own devices. Even though it was just me by myself, we still had a lot of fun.I worked with Britney in Vegas, then we went to L.A. I was really working with her and that was another big project for me. Even though it didn’t do what it could have done because she wasn’t well at the time. That’s the best way I can put it so… [Laughs.]. She didn’t promote it and she didn’t tour.

“I got Britney fans going crazy on my Twitter. I get hit up all the time about that album. I heard last year she had been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s crazy to know that I did something that just reached people like that. The Justin stuff and the Nelly stuff is all massive, but that was one of the ones I did on my own and was notarized, but it wasn’t successful.

“So it’s like a cult classic and that’s great. That’s awesome for me that it’s still recognized even though financially it didn’t take off. It just hit platinum last year and it was released in 2007, so it really goes to show you the power of an artist when they are able to endorse their own project and the power of good music. People still loved it and the record still did well.

Kill The Lights:

“I didn’t see her while she was recording but I had a lot of different tracks and ideas. I wanted to go a different direction because we did so much on the dance side of things. For me, the whole dance thing and electronic music was like, ‘Alright, we did that.’

“By that time, I was trying to figure out how to switch my sound and style. I remember using a different set of equipment and doing these pop/rock type records. That wasn’t so obviously dance music. Electronic music was super popular by then and it still is. It’s amazing the tone that we set in 2006 is just now starting to dwindle away a little bit.

“‘Kill the Lights’ was nuts. I thought it was crazy but they ended up going with the other record. It was between ‘Kill the Lights’, ‘Womanizer’ and ‘Circus.’ The thing is ‘Kill the Lights’ was just edgy and crazy to me and perfect for what she went through what she was going through. I guess she’s back in the studio again and got to get back to it.”

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