Danja promised he’d post his #TBT Britney music from “Blackout,” “Circus” and “Britney Jean,” and he delivered.

Instead of new ~Britney~ music, he shared demos he created for the queen that she ultimately passed up (as well as a remix).

He kicks it off with a “Circus” demo that he loves, stating the singer (also named Britney, or Brittany or Brittnay IDK) understood the vibe of the track and nailed it.

The second demo, off “Britney Jean,” is transey and urban; it’s the direction he was under the impression the album was going (before Will.I.Flop stepped in) AKA Blackout 2. The up-tempo beat of the song is HOT! Such a shame they passed this ish up…

Last but not least, Danja plays a “Hot As Ice” remix he crafted for the Queen after she told him she was really feeling it back in the day.

Not new music, but still a really awesome, behind-the-scenes look at Danja’s work for Britney.

Check it out:

Super stoked to see Danja’s work on #album9!

RIP Blackout 2