Danja, producer for several tracks off “Blackout” (“Gimme More,” “Break The Ice,” “Get Naked”), describes a few of the new songs he’s worked on with Britney for her 6th studio album “Circus” to Remixmag.com.

“I like that cinematic sound,” Danja says. “I got a couple of tracks on Britney’s [upcoming album] that sound like action sequences from The Mummy 3 or something, just bits and pieces of horn hits that make it sound dramatic.”

“I’m in tune with certain chords that make you feel a certain way,” the producer continues. “I know how to grab your emotions. I know what to play in whatever order to bring those feelings forth. This is a universal language. I’m learning how to capture those feelings and inject them into my music. I’m learning how to make you feel what I feel.”

As for Danja’s thoughts on Circus? “Way harder than Blackout.”

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