One of the best female pop vocal groups in the history of history, time and space, Danity Kane, has some advice for us about the stressful things in life for a young adult in 2014 trying to make it.

On social media: Don’t read it all! It will **** your soul bone dry!

“If you don’t like what the haters say… don’t be one yourself,” an enlightened Aubrey O’Day tells viewers. And she should know… her Instagram sees negative comments on the daily. But Kween Aubrey just sips the lemonade lemonade and looks the other way.

On success: Success is a state of mind. It’s the journey, so trust yourself!

“Everybody has an opinion in our industry, and everybody thinks they know what ‘IT’ is,” Aubrey said, “and ‘IT’ is whatever you want it to be.”

On failure: It’s important to remember you can’t have greatness without it! So embrace the flopness and carry on.

Aubrey: “Failure’s the easiest way to figure out who you are, what you are, what you want…

Dawn: “What I’ve learned… failure is needed to appreciate what greatness feels like.”

Shannon: “Everyone’s going to fail… that’s the process, and that’s up to you to choose if it’s going to make you better, or if you’re going to give up.”

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