We all tell lies.

Vancouver based singer DANI Le Rose is caught in the web of a deranged lover whose obsession for her blinds him from realizing he’s causing harm in her new music video for “I’ve Told Lies.”

“Take me to the deep end / Tell me all your secrets / I wanna figure you out,” Le Rose sings over ethereal background vocals and a brooding beat. It’s all quite menacing.

In the clip, premiering on BreatheHeavy.com today (June 15), a psychopath kidnapper treats Le Rose like an imprisoned doll, brushing her hair and endlessly pouring tea before binding the singer to a chair with rope and dragging her off. Curiously, Le Rose appears complicit.

“We all tell lies, big or small, but we only feel the need to confess something from the depth of our dark to the person we feel that special connection with,” Le Rose tells BreatheHeavy.com of song’s concept. “The lyric ‘take me to the deep end” expressed that need to wanna know someone else’s darkness with little to no judgement. Only when you love someone deeply can you love all of them even with those ****** up parts they show.” She added, “It comes once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.”

Watch the video for “I’ve Told Lies” below:

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